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Pick Your Own

I remember having fun as a child, being taken to various orchards to gather fruit that my mum later preserved or turned into jam. I had such good experiences of fruit picking that in my teens I even went on a summer holiday camp titled Levin Pick In – we stayed at the Tatum Scout Camp, picked berry fruit every day at Brown Acres, and made good friends in the process.

I’ve a feeling things have come full circle, as we have opened the grove each weekend since Easter, for people to come and PYO grapes. Thanks to wonderful weather, it’s been a huge success.

We have had family groups of all sizes, people of all ages, and it’s been fun to host them all.

There are the exhibitionists:

Those who take it very seriously:Those who will pose for the camera:And nearly everybody eats at least a few (and that’s OK)!

The grapes are still going strong, so as long as the weather stays fine, we’ll keep on opening! If you’re really observant, you may see one other inhabitant of the grape vines:Note – all those photographed gave their permission and knew they’d be featured on my blog (with the possible exception of Ninja, who would probably not answer if asked, simply because she’s a cat and that’s what they do).

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