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Sharing the space

I knew that time was running out.
I knew it was selfish to have all that space for craft.
I know I started it by giving him lessons for Christmas last year.
Since last Tuesday the craft-guest room upstairs in the garage has also been home to this….

I’m getting used to the muted bang, thump, clash when Richard goes to practice (not game to be in the room at the time though!). He is so very pleased to have a drum kit at last I can’t really be sad that “my” space is now “ours”.

Goodbye craft space. Hello hobbies room!

2 thoughts on “Sharing the space

  1. Very sharing of you Margot! It may have given Arahi ideas (5 guitars in his bedroom is not enough – he wants a drum kit too), but I’m not budging. At present I share the sleepout with; Christmas decorations, suitcases, chilli bins etc etc etc, but it’s MINE.

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