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January review – and goals for February

On 14 January I posted some goals for the rest of the month. I am pleased to report the following:

  • I have finished my Photo-A-Day/Project Life album for 2012 – as reported here
  • I rode my bike on six days, varying my route. I’ve ridden into Greytown, around the block, and out to Woodside on the rail trail
  • I have restarted my yoga practice – and rediscovered some muscles; I managed six sessions (and bought a yoga mat)
  • Blog-4-2-Bestie-&-meI met up with my bestie last week, enjoying a lovely lunch with her and afterwards joining her in the air-conditioned coolness of Harvey Norman to print off some photos
  • I sent two thank you cards
  • Blog-4-2-QuartetI went to see Quartet and really enjoyed it – I love the gentle British sense of humour. Did you know this movie was directed by Dustin Hoffman (perhaps he yearns to be a Brit himself)?

With those goals achieved, it’s time to think about some goals for February:

  • continue with being active, riding my bike, walking briskly, doing aerobics or yoga on two days out of three
  • investigate a yoga class (I think there is one in Greytown, and there is a new fitness centre beginning operations in Carterton that might have a session as well)
  • send out four cards – to say hello, thank you, or ‘just because’
  • make four scrapbook layouts
  • go to the movies again – perhaps to see The Hobbit, if I haven’t missed it already
  • attempt to go for one week without sugar in my diet (I think this is going to be a big challenge, not least because sugar lurks in so many foods where it has no business – have you read your cornflakes packet recently?)

I know there are others out there setting goals on a monthly basis (it’s a manageable amount of time to tackle). If you decide to join in, please link to this post.


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