Washi Goodness

Would you believe I had no washi tape in my scrapbooking collection until recently? I read this post on my friend Mandy’s blog and took up her offer of a few samples.

I used the lengths Mandy gave me on a some layouts and cards, and began noticing just how many scrapbookers use this product – and in such a variety of ways. But I was strong and resisted the lure of purchasing any until….

I read that Nic Howard had entered the enabling ranks, by making nine different designs available (and to do my bit in the enabling stakes, go here to find the details). With a little bit of birthday money available (thanks, Dad!) I placed an order a couple of days ago.

Yippee! It’s arrived. I’m looking forward to using these tapes on projects.

To make the parcel extra special, Nic had enclosed a couple of surprise extra items. Wasn’t that nice of her!