Sevilo (‘olives’ backwards, if you hadn’t already worked that out) is the name of the company that Richard and Margot set up when they bought land in Greytown. We now live on a 1ha (2.5 acres) block about 300 metres closer to Greytown than the olive grove and hazelnut orchard we established but sold in 2016.

We still use the name for our current property.

This Sevilo web site is now used for our non-business lives.

The Sevilo Blog was being used by Margot as part of her journalling/scrapbooking/writing life, as an alternative and adjunct to those means of memory-keeping.

About Margot

  • Working at Victoria University helping to pay for our new house!
  • Partner to Richard (37 years, y’all!) and mother to Ed (now 30 and also working at Victoria University of Wellington).
  • Scrapbooker and reader (of books, magazines, websites and blogs).
  • Would-be traveller and writer.

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  1. I have jsut emailed you in a kind of an old fashioned way!!! – just using ordinary old email. Then I found this blog spot of yours – you are very adventerous – sounds as though you are doing some interesting study. I am way behind in all this blogging – anyway you will be able to read my email.

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