High Tea

I’ve never been to ‘High Tea’ before, but I knew it was posh, so I made sure I flossied myself up:

I met my friends (the Scrapmates who had been at our place last month) at the James Cook Hotel’s Whitby Restaurant. Very classy – I’m glad I dressed up! Once we had all arrived and settled at our window tables we ordered tea from a selection of ten choices – I had Green Tea with Jasmine – and coffee for those who just couldn’t do without. Then the plates arrived. I shared a gluten-free platter with Kris:’

As the food was so exquisite, I took close-up photos of every layer. It tasted as good as it looks!

We were there for over two and a half hours and discussed all manner of things, as we tend to do. The world set to rights for at least five minutes, we left for our regular lives, encouraged and enlivened by our get together.

Close Encounter

Right from the start, our kitten Ninja has been fascinated by Martin the lamb. At 8 weeks old, on only her second visit to ‘the outside’, she tried stalking him.

After six more weeks of experience, Ninja is now an old hand at lamb wrangling (although she still hasn’t decided quite what to do with him)!

Documenting 2012

Last time I did the Photo A Day project (in 2010) I made four pages for each month. The first page for each month was a pocket page, on which I pasted ephemera collected over the month. The pocket held most of the photos. The next  two pages were the two sides of an American Crafts divided photo protector (the kind that hold six 4×6 landscape photos on each side). The final page was a scrapbook layout using one or more photos from the month that had a common thread or allowed me to tell a particular story. I enjoyed this format.

Roll on 2011 when I’d decided not to take a Photo A Day – but I grabbed a Project Life album on special (go here to find out more about Project Life).

This is what I’m using for my 2012 project – and I’m pleased to say that it’s working out OK so far. I’ve finished January and am still snapping a photo every day (often more than one). I’m managing to fit the bits and pieces I collect (receipts, cards, flyers) into the pages as well as writing enough to help me remember the whys and wherefores for each photo. It’s fun – and very affirming to have four weeks done. I’m off to complete week 5!

Blast from the Past

We had a stall at the Martinborough Fair yesterday. It’s great fun meeting lots of new people, as well as old friends. Ed was one of my helpers (along with his girlfriend – they did an awesome job) and it was such fun to run into Debbie, one of the women who worked at the daycare centre Ed attended for nearly four years as a pre-schooler. The last time we saw Deb was at Ed’s 5th birthday party. We are now planning Ed’s 21st.

Deb is the same height as she was 16 years ago.

Ed isn’t!