Monday… in a few chosen words

One word: Wet

Two words: Writing group

Three words: Came straight home

Four words: Wrapped up hazelnut order

Five words: Made two layouts this evening

Six words: Cats round my ankles wanting food

Seven words: Talked to my Dad on the phone

Eight words: Sent out my first ever newsletter using MailChimp

Nine words: Hope that people reading it enjoy what I included

Ten words: Off to bed now, anticipating enjoying Neil Young concert tomorrow

Thanks to Brenda for the inspiration (her version is much more poetic – and intriguing – than mine!

Reporting in

It is high time that I reported on on how I did with my goals for February, and told you what I hope to achieve through March.

It’s a bit of mixed report for February:

  • I did manage to continue with being active, riding my bike, walking,  and doing yoga but I managed only 14 of the 28 days, not my goal of 20 (but I’m happy that I haven’t slid back into slothfulness)
  • I found a yoga class! I went to my first one on 1 March, and have been every Friday since
  • I sent only three cards (all birthday cards); I hand made all three, so I count that as a good effort
  • I made four scrapbook layouts and here they are:

4 layouts made in Feb

  • I didn’t get to the movies – but I did travel to Auckland and went to the Deep Purple concert, and caught up with some very old friends, so I’m not calling this a failure at all!
  • I managed the one week without sugar thing – but cheated a couple of times with dried fruit on my cereal.

For March I set the following goals

  • keep up with being active, especially working on incorporating regular yoga into my routine
  • send some ‘just because’ or ‘thank you’ cards – it’s nice to surprise people
  • increase productivity in the scrap room – I’m aiming for 8 layouts this month
  • try for another week without sugar
  • try for another lunch with my bestie before the end of the month (I did see her briefly at the Martinborough Fair, but that doesn’t count).

I’ll let you know how I get on (hopefully before the middle of April!)