Monday… in a few chosen words

One word: Wet

Two words: Writing group

Three words: Came straight home

Four words: Wrapped up hazelnut order

Five words: Made two layouts this evening

Six words: Cats round my ankles wanting food

Seven words: Talked to my Dad on the phone

Eight words: Sent out my first ever newsletter using MailChimp

Nine words: Hope that people reading it enjoy what I included

Ten words: Off to bed now, anticipating enjoying Neil Young concert tomorrow

Thanks to Brenda for the inspiration (her version is much more poetic – and intriguing – than mine!

Listmania #1 – Currently I am…

Joining in the fun (see Mandy’s blog here, and Deb’s post here – Deb is the one who has started us all off).

Currently I am:

1356 coverReading: 1356 by Bernard Cornwell (I love his novels – he writes about battles better than anyone else; his novel Agincourt is one of the best historical novels ever)

Listening to: the sound of the TV news, and of DH, DS and DS’s girlfriend talking about the current item – the Cabinet re-shuffle – with some amazement as to who has apparently kept her portfolio.

Laughing at: Ninja and Scruff – it’s an unexpected bonus of having a kitten (now a young cat) that the older cat discovers how to play again

Swooning over: summer fruit – I adore peaches, apricots and nectarines and the fruit bowl doesn’t stay full for long

Planning: my work-flow for pesto and chocolate spread production, so as to have enough ready for our stall at the Martinborough Fair #1 on 2 February

Eating lots of: salads – and using our new Citrus infused olive oil in the dressing (it tastes like sunshine to me!)

Feeling: that this year is already rushing along far too quickly


Discovering: biking the extended Greytown-Woodside Rail Trail is a great way to start the day (the link is to the event marking the official opening, but it’s actually all available to ride now)

Looking at: photos from my phone – I’m a little embarrassed to admit I have only just worked out how to get them from the phone to the PC (so some of the shots were taken in 2011!)

Wearing: shorts or skirt & t-shirts; I love the casual look and it’s important to be cool on hot and sunny days

Cooking: more new vegetarian recipes. Tonight we had Spiced Rice Scramble from Alison & Simon Holst’s Very Easy Vegetarian Cookbook and it was yummy. Next time I make it I’ll put in two tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce though, as it wasn’t quite spicy enough with only one

Wondering: how it is that yoga poses I could do with ease only a couple of years ago are now impossible


Trying out: hybrid scrapbooking. I’ve downloaded the Storybook Collection #2 elements from ACDigitals, printed & cut them out and used them on a layout (for some reason the link to the actual page isn’t working, but if you go to the main link, you can find them on page 5 under the Journalling Cards tab).

If you would like to play along with Listmania, create your own post using this list. The best bit? There will be another prompt next Monday!


I’m playing along with Mandy, and you can find her list here.

Favourite online storeEzibuy

Favourite chocolate – Dark (60%); especially the chocolate handmade by Annette of Esque, and by the team at Schoc

Favourite cookie – chocolate and hazelnut

Favourite cuisine – Indian

Favourite meal that I make – I am learning a whole new repertoire of vegetarian recipes; my favourite so far is baked risotto with roasted vegetables

Favourite flower – peonies

Favourite colour to wear – green

Favourite shoes – my new black Hush Puppies – they are SO comfortable!

Favourite item of clothing – yoga pants (can you believe I have only recently discovered these?)

Favourite magazineMollie Makes

Favourite drink – fruit juice 30% + diet tonic 70%

Favourite cocktail – Virgin Seabreeze (a mix of grapefruit and cranberry juices – so refreshing)

Favourite wine – alas, I am not able to drink alcohol

Favourite board game – Scrabble

Favourite card game – Five Crowns

Favourite season – Summer

Favourite camera lens – the one in my little point and shoot; works for me!

Favourite place to walk the cat– all over Fantail Grove

Favourite place to take the kid – now he’s 21 he takes himself, but I like going to the movies and out to dinner with him

Favourite hot drink – decaf trim milk latte

Favourite pizza placeGoodness of Food in Carterton

Favourite place to take photos – around home at Fantail Grove; there’s such a lot of variety

Favourite holiday destination – Hawaii (not sure if I’ll ever get there again, but it would be SO nice!)

Favourite yoghurt – Fresh & Fruity’s Rhubarb & Custard

Favourite man – my DH Richard (of course!)

Favourite Phone app – Crossword solver

Favourite movie (at the moment)Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Favourite TV showDr Who

Favourite musical – Grease

Favourite hair product – conditioner

Favourite colour – yellow

Favourite sport to watch – show jumping

Favourite authorTerry Pratchett

Favourite snack – roasted hazelnuts (home grown, no less!)

Favourite item purchased in the last month – black and white print skirt; in Farmers’ sale

Well that was fun …let me know if you play along and do one too!