Tales of a feline weight watcher

Ninja’s diet and exercise programme resulted in her losing the grand total of 70g in her first month of the new regime. This isn’t as much as she needs to lose, but any loss is better than a gain, right? I worked it out in human terms, based on percentage of body-weight, and if I were to lose the same percentage, it would be around 800g. I think that’s significant enough to count, don’t you?

More ‘tales from the scale’ after her next appointment (19 November). The food part’s going well but the exercise part has fallen away (yesterday she ‘didn’t hear me’ when I called her to accompany me on a walk!).

What a weekend!

The last weekend saw the 8th Greytown Arts Festival come to life after many months of planning. In my workplace – the library – we have been involved in a small way in helping the Festival with ticket sales, information and resources; it’s been quite a ride. There was so much going on it wasn’t possible to see everything, so this is quick summary of the events we managed to catch:

We started off the weekend by going to see these lovely ladies on Friday night:

The Beat Girls! They began their performance with swing tunes from the 30’s and 40’s and then morphed into these:

for songs from the swinging 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Loads of fun!

The hall of the library building was home to the major art exhibition – around the theme “The Last Piece”. Some stunning work, and a busy hub of activity for those contributing to the Community Art Project – you can see it beginning to take shape on the far wall. This photo was taken on Saturday morning, and there was a constant flow of people looking at the works.

On Sunday I had a stall as part of the Cobblestones Open Day. There were lots of locals enjoying the chance to print their own cards using the old presses, watch the blacksmith hammering out horseshoes, try their hand at wood turning with a foot-powered lathe – and of course to buy locally made products like ours!

The highlight of the Festival for me was the marionette play The Kitchen at the End of the World which was written by a local (William Connor) and produced by Stefan Kreft (who also spearheaded the organising committee for the whole Festival). It was an amazing, touching, beautifully crafted piece that I wish I could have watched two or three more times, as there was so much to see and think about.

The team of puppeteers were amazing! They made it look simple and easy – an indication of the talent and hard work it must have  taken. The characters in the play knew they were marionettes – and so could use this to create humour (“I need a string treatment and a stiff drink”) and to raise philosophical issues (“Do you think we’re being controlled?”). It was well worth seeing and if you ever get the chance to do so don’t miss it!

On Monday we went to see the mural constructed over the previous two days by a team of “tape artists” on the wall of the new supermarket. I loved the level of detail in the figures, and especially that the dragon is blowing bubbles, not fire!

This is the square I created for the Community Art Project – made up of the “last pieces” of several quilting fabrics that I had in my bag. If you look hard enough (and know where to look) you might be able to spot it in the finished work. (Hint – it’s in the far left-hand strip).

Isn’t the finished piece spectacular! When we first saw it on Monday we were quite blown away.

Now that the Festival is over it has been fun to be in the library and to see people walk in and then turn to examine the work. Most people spend several minutes looking – some are probably trying to spot their own square, or the ones their children have made, but many are just having fun looking at the variety of techniques, media, colours, textures and shapes. I do hope we get to keep it to hang on the large blank library walls above the issue desk!



I’m a winner!

If you have never visited Christie Zimmer’s blog you are in for treat. Christie designs the most amazing journal pages (most of which she makes available free from the blog). Recently Christie has been making ‘doodle notes’ where she has employed her awesome calligraphy and painting skills to create beautiful cards. Over the last couple of weeks some of her lucky readers have been chosen to receive one of these lovelies.

And today it was me! Go here to see the post where it was announced, and see the beautiful card I have won. I am looking forward to receiving it in the post – it looks so pretty in the photograph. I totally endorse the sentiment too.

So what about you – have you won anything lately?


I’m playing along with Mandy, and you can find her list here.

Favourite online storeEzibuy

Favourite chocolate – Dark (60%); especially the chocolate handmade by Annette of Esque, and by the team at Schoc

Favourite cookie – chocolate and hazelnut

Favourite cuisine – Indian

Favourite meal that I make – I am learning a whole new repertoire of vegetarian recipes; my favourite so far is baked risotto with roasted vegetables

Favourite flower – peonies

Favourite colour to wear – green

Favourite shoes – my new black Hush Puppies – they are SO comfortable!

Favourite item of clothing – yoga pants (can you believe I have only recently discovered these?)

Favourite magazineMollie Makes

Favourite drink – fruit juice 30% + diet tonic 70%

Favourite cocktail – Virgin Seabreeze (a mix of grapefruit and cranberry juices – so refreshing)

Favourite wine – alas, I am not able to drink alcohol

Favourite board game – Scrabble

Favourite card game – Five Crowns

Favourite season – Summer

Favourite camera lens – the one in my little point and shoot; works for me!

Favourite place to walk the cat– all over Fantail Grove

Favourite place to take the kid – now he’s 21 he takes himself, but I like going to the movies and out to dinner with him

Favourite hot drink – decaf trim milk latte

Favourite pizza placeGoodness of Food in Carterton

Favourite place to take photos – around home at Fantail Grove; there’s such a lot of variety

Favourite holiday destination – Hawaii (not sure if I’ll ever get there again, but it would be SO nice!)

Favourite yoghurt – Fresh & Fruity’s Rhubarb & Custard

Favourite man – my DH Richard (of course!)

Favourite Phone app – Crossword solver

Favourite movie (at the moment)Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Favourite TV showDr Who

Favourite musical – Grease

Favourite hair product – conditioner

Favourite colour – yellow

Favourite sport to watch – show jumping

Favourite authorTerry Pratchett

Favourite snack – roasted hazelnuts (home grown, no less!)

Favourite item purchased in the last month – black and white print skirt; in Farmers’ sale

Well that was fun …let me know if you play along and do one too!

Not only Ninja but also…


Yes, we have two cats. Scruff adopted us seven years ago, as a scrawny kitten (probably dumped from a car, unfortunately not an unheard of event around here). For a while he was the youngest of three cats, but now he has reached top place in the pecking order, and bosses Ninja around.

He is an extremely photogenic cat, but on this particular day was not in a posing mood:

However this was all an act (perhaps he’s a Diva in disguise?). Two minutes later he lay down and posed for the camera:

Isn’t his tabby camouflage perfect for the under-tree setting? I am not quite sure how to categorise his expression though – is that resignation, condescension, or pure ‘look at me, am I not gorgeous’?

Around here

Thinking… I should get dinner on

Listening… to birdsong outside

Feeling… the sun warm on my back as it streams through the window

Enjoying… the extra daylight since the clocks went forward

Adjusting… to the time change (feel a bit jet-lagged)

Planning… how to manage a busy few weeks coming up

Working… on making more infused oil (and maybe trying a couple of new flavours – basil and tangelo sound OK to you?)

Hoping… to be productive at the quilting retreat I’m going to in a couple of weeks

Drinking… a lukewarm cuppa. Time to make a new one!

On a roll

September’s been a productive month for scrapbook layouts (for housework, not so much). I scoured my stash and made up a ‘kit’ of patterned papers, cardstock, letter stickers and embellishments before going to a crop* a couple of weekends ago. You’ve seen the two layouts I made there in this post. Since that event I’ve kept going with the kit here at home. I have made three more layouts (including a double-pager). There is still enough left in the kit for one or two more pages, so it’s been a good exercise.

This one was inspired by a layout in Scrapbook & Cards Today. The pocket at the top contains cards, which was all I had to remember the event (the photo is from around the same time, which had to be good enough as there weren’t any from the work project I was recording with the page).

* crop – a gathering of scrapbookers, who create pages (or cards) in the social atmosphere (this definition for my MIL, a dedicated reader of this blog!).