Zoom In, Zoom Out

I’ve decided to take part in a weekly photography challenge posed by Helena (whose blog you can find here). I’m not sure if I’ll manage it every week, but I’m going to try.

As the title suggests, the aim is to take a close up and then provide the context, either by zooming in/out or by being close and then walking away. Straightforward enough, huh.

As I was driving home today I saw this and knew I’d found a subject for my first ZIZO post:

Zoom-In-3Jan-2014 Zoom-Out-Jan-2014I did not expect to find such an amazing flower on a traffic island!


One Little Word

Resolutions aren’t for me. Instead, since 2009 I have selected a single word to be my focus for the year ahead. I first heard about this from Ali Edwards, and you can read more about it on her blog here.

My words have been:

  • 2009 – choose
  • 2010 – present
  • 2011 – clear
  • 2012 – slow
  • 2013 – active

For 2014 I have chosen the word MORE. I believe I have been doing good things for my physical, mental and emotional health – and now I am going to focus on doing MORE of them.

I saw this inspiring video and I created a similar layout to celebrate and record my intentions for how my One Little Word – MORE – will manifest in my life through 2014.

My ONW for 2014I really enjoyed doing the stitching and making the watercolour background. Celine’s instructions on the video were easy to follow – although I did make a practice page first for the watercolour part. I think this is only the second layout (ever) I have made that uses no photographs – but I might do more of them if they all turn out as well as this one!