Not only Ninja but also…


Yes, we have two cats. Scruff adopted us seven years ago, as a scrawny kitten (probably dumped from a car, unfortunately not an unheard of event around here). For a while he was the youngest of three cats, but now he has reached top place in the pecking order, and bosses Ninja around.

He is an extremely photogenic cat, but on this particular day was not in a posing mood:

However this was all an act (perhaps he’s a Diva in disguise?). Two minutes later he lay down and posed for the camera:

Isn’t his tabby camouflage perfect for the under-tree setting? I am not quite sure how to categorise his expression though – is that resignation, condescension, or pure ‘look at me, am I not gorgeous’?

Fun with Shimelle

He just doesn't get itI completed this layout using instructions from UK Scrappers monthly challenge “& now for something completely different” run by Shimelle Lane. Each month (on or around 10th of the month) Shimelle posts a set of supplies and photo requirements – together with a photo to show what she has chosen. Then on 20th of the month she posts a set of 20 instructions to create a page using the supplies – so easy to follow along with as closely as you want. Here is the preparation list for June, and here is the set of instructions.

I followed the instructions pretty faithfully, and I’m pleased with how my page turned out. I used up a whole lot of yellow embellishments I didn’t know I had, and told the story of two cats and their very different reaction to catnip.

If you have difficulty reading my handwritten journaling above, the text reads:

We gave Toffee and Scruff catnip balls for Christmas. Toffee tore through the wrapping and abandoned decorum, rubbing and nuzzling his ball and rolling all over the floor, completely entranced. Meanwhile, Scruff was chewing the paper, ignoring the ball completely!