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JYC 2 – Counting down to Christmas

For me the approach to Christmas is inexorably tangled with the arrival of summer:

  • roses blooming in the garden,
  • the demand to complete the staff summer holiday leave plan comes out from the CEO,
  • strawberry punnets are available at 2 for $5,
  • the Summer Reading Programme staffer is at work & the library is decorated to the theme (yachts this year),
  • finding lists everywhere (other people’s in books and on tables at work; my own in various bags and piles at home),
  • boxes of Christmas books are out for borrowing in the Children’s library,
  • Greytown shops (and the library) have their swags of evergreens and lights hung from verandahs,

and there’s a feeling in the air of suppressed excitement and anticipation that makes me happy.

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