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Roof lines – likes and dislikes

We’re going to be building a house! Right now we’re giving our designer some idea of what we like and don’t like, and so we’ve been driving around our neighbourhood looking at roof lines. What does He like? What does She like? Where can we compromise?

Here are some photos:

We both like the pitched roof and the varying height. He really likes traditional-houses – but She doesn’t like ‘replicas’. She quite likes this but he dislikes it. We both like this one if only the silly tower wasn’t there. Long and low has an appeal. Two views of this one – photo above and the one below…. … not sure about this – does it look too much like a shed? We both like the balance of the house above. Here’s another we both like – varying roof lines and a bit different without being too avant garde. We both agree this is too long and low – it looks like a bunker. We both like the idea of two-wings-joined-by-a-bridging-section houses like this one. And here’s another one that has a central line of symmetry. But we don’t like tiles on the roof.. She likes this one but He thinks it’s horrid. They both like this one – the idea of a covered verandah is appealing.She loves this but it’s another one He loathes.Some nicely varying roof lines here for us both to like. Back to traditional – His choice; though She does like the varying roof lines. A ‘barn-like’ house we both think is OK (but a bit boring?). And another… We both like this one – something a bit different that we can agree on! This one is a real barn – but we like the roof line. And now three views of a house we both like – different enough but not too different. Above and below¬† are views from the back and front… … and here is one from the side-front Back to a traditional sort of house – but the varying roof lines are what we both like. Here is one we are united in dislike for. What were they thinking? And finally, one last that meets Her approval but not His.

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  1. and no-one has shoulder tapped you – stalking the neighbourhood taking photos ?????
    I’m pretty much agreeing with most of yours Margot, and well done Richard for coming to the party on the best ones. Varying roof lines, some symmetry and two wings with a bridging section. DONE.
    MMM yes the second to last one – what were they thinking!

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