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I’m playing along with Mandy, and you can find her list here.

Favourite online storeEzibuy

Favourite chocolate – Dark (60%); especially the chocolate handmade by Annette of Esque, and by the team at Schoc

Favourite cookie – chocolate and hazelnut

Favourite cuisine – Indian

Favourite meal that I make – I am learning a whole new repertoire of vegetarian recipes; my favourite so far is baked risotto with roasted vegetables

Favourite flower – peonies

Favourite colour to wear – green

Favourite shoes – my new black Hush Puppies – they are SO comfortable!

Favourite item of clothing – yoga pants (can you believe I have only recently discovered these?)

Favourite magazineMollie Makes

Favourite drink – fruit juice 30% + diet tonic 70%

Favourite cocktail – Virgin Seabreeze (a mix of grapefruit and cranberry juices – so refreshing)

Favourite wine – alas, I am not able to drink alcohol

Favourite board game – Scrabble

Favourite card game – Five Crowns

Favourite season – Summer

Favourite camera lens – the one in my little point and shoot; works for me!

Favourite place to walk the cat– all over Fantail Grove

Favourite place to take the kid – now he’s 21 he takes himself, but I like going to the movies and out to dinner with him

Favourite hot drink – decaf trim milk latte

Favourite pizza placeGoodness of Food in Carterton

Favourite place to take photos – around home at Fantail Grove; there’s such a lot of variety

Favourite holiday destination – Hawaii (not sure if I’ll ever get there again, but it would be SO nice!)

Favourite yoghurt – Fresh & Fruity’s Rhubarb & Custard

Favourite man – my DH Richard (of course!)

Favourite Phone app – Crossword solver

Favourite movie (at the moment)Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Favourite TV showDr Who

Favourite musical – Grease

Favourite hair product – conditioner

Favourite colour – yellow

Favourite sport to watch – show jumping

Favourite authorTerry Pratchett

Favourite snack – roasted hazelnuts (home grown, no less!)

Favourite item purchased in the last month – black and white print skirt; in Farmers’ sale

Well that was fun …let me know if you play along and do one too!

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