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Altercation with a Pruning Saw

the implement wot did it

This tool is known as the Ninja Saw at our place. That’s because it’s lethally sharp, and extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.

this is the thumb wot got slashed

Do I need to say that thumb is attached to one of the ‘wrong hands’ mentioned above? Not mine, I hasten to add. This is a photo of the anaesthetised, cleaned-up thumb, at the local hospital’s Emergency Department. We had to go there because:

  1. the accident happened at 4.50pm on a Sunday in the middle of a public holiday period;
  2. the After Hours Medical Centre is only open until 5pm; and
  3. the AHMC doesn’t do sutures anyway.

a single suture is all they would give us

After a tetanus shot, local anaesthetic, irrigation with saline, a single suture (and four steri-strips), we left Emergency feeling only slightly silly. We were very grateful that we’d arrived when the department was quiet (the whole visit took less than 30 minutes), and for the competent, cheerful staff who attended us.

Now let’s hope that this is the only hospital visit anyone connected with this family will have to make this year!

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