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Decorate Life Layouts 1-4

I’ve been enjoying a Big Picture Classes (www.bigpictureclasses.com) workshop taught by Darci Dowdle over the last couple of weeks. The first part of the class saw participants gathering photos in envelopes numbered 1-14, and various embellishments in containers similarly numbered. The second part of the class started a few days ago. Each day or two we receive a new set of instructions, to combine the photos in one envelope with the embellishments in a differently numbered container. There’s a sketch, written guidelines and a sample layout from Darci to help. It’s been such fun!
Here’s my first layout, where we were asked to scrapbook the ‘girls’ in our families, and where I focused my journaling on the characteristics we share:

And my second, where we were challenged to select a photo of something we loved (so I picked this lovely portrait of our cat Scruff, of course:The third layout was a two-pager in 8.5 x 11 size (not one I usually do). The focus was a seasonal event – so not surprisingly, I chose some photos of our olive harvest – but an old one (2005). What was interesting was realising how different things are now that our trees are so much older and have a much bigger crop.

And today, the challenge involved photographs of a place we loved. I chose pictures from 2004 that had remained unscrapped all this time. They were taken at Ohope Beach, on the holiday we had shortly after Mum’s death. The beauty of the place certainly helped us to relax and recover our equilibrium. I remember feeling so glad to be alive.

So that’s the story so far – there are 14 layouts in the class, and I’m already keenly anticipating the instructions for #5!

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  1. What a lovely blog, Margot! I’ve loved seeing your beautiful scrapbook pages and learning a bit more about your life “down under.” How cool that you grow olives and hazelnuts…can’t wait to learn more about that. Blogging is just another means of exploring your creative side but it has the added benefit of bringing people into your life you’d never meet otherwise. I know you’re going to enjoy it…and good luck!

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