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Last week it was finally time for our hay to be cut. This usually happens in mid January, so it’s very late this year (blame our ‘summer – what summer?’ weather).

As Ninja (the kitten) has been growing up a feature of most days has been a walk down the property (10 ha so lots of it to explore). I call “Ninja! Walkies!” and her small black frame appears from wherever she’s been sleeping, as she is eager for these adventures.

Once the hay was cut I wanted a photo for my Project 365. The hay paddock is beyond all our tree plantings, so it would be further away from the house than Ninja had been before, but I knew she would enjoy the trip, and I was interested to see whether she would play with the cut grass.

Past the olive trees (stopping to climb one or two of them), and into the first hazelnut plot. The nuts are ripening and falling thick and fast – the ground under these trees was clear a few days before the photo!

Through the long grass…

Time for a short rest and a look around…

Past the burn-up pile…

Running around and over the dirt-pile, trying a bit of digging too. Does your cat love loose soil and like to dig, roll and play in it?

Finally next to the hay paddock. These wide open spaces feel a bit scary though…

Definitely too scary for a small black kitten! Time for a hasty retreat!

Maybe next time we go down (to count the number of bales, now it’s all been parcelled up) she will be a bit braver and stay long enough for a photo.

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