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Learn a new skill

I have an on-going challenge this year as DH and I transition to vegetarianism. Learning new ways of cooking and coming up with interesting (and tasty) food on a near-daily basis is sometimes difficult and I have to confess that lately I’ve fallen off the ‘try new recipes’ wagon.

However the weekend brought some renewed enthusiasm to return to the fray and I opened my copy of The Accidental Vegetarian, Simon Rimmer’s book first published in 2004 (but only out in paperback since 2010, which is the edition I have). I chose the Lancashire cheese sausages with onion gravy, but had to do a rather fundamental substitution as we can’t get Lancashire cheese here in NZ (or if we can, not at shops in the rural heartland). So what you see below is Tasty Cheddar sausages frying happily, with the onion gravy behind.

The verdict? They were tasty and – most importantly to my DH – fulfilled the criteria of being “properly balanced between the four food groups: sugar, starch, grease, and burnt crunchy bits”.  (Thank you Terry Pratchett, for this wonderful quote – from Men at Arms).

Today I have not only learned a new way of creating sausages, I have also found a gravy that I can use again and again – it was absolutely delish!

3 thoughts on “Learn a new skill

  1. Vimes is a great favourite here, Wookie would agree about the four food groups – although he tends to add ‘Tea’. Was just talking about the challenges of being vegetarian or vegan with a friend this afternoon. We’re still omnivore but eat less meat than we did when we met.

    Laurel’s kitchen was a staple for many years, Herb the Vegetarian Dragon is another. I’ll have a look for the Accidental Vegetarian!

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