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Every life has time that might be called ‘in-between’ – I’m thinking especially of time spent travelling from one place to another, or transitioning from one activity to the next. Over the last two years – the time my ‘day job’ has been a 2-minute commute from home – the amount of ‘in between’ time I have is much reduced from years before, when I had at least a 30-minute trip..

I did a lot of thinking during my commuting time – much of it involved gearing up for the day ahead, or winding down afterwards, but there was also time to ponder other things. I think that is why I now especially value the hour’s drive from home to where my Dad lives, a trip I make every couple of weeks, as it provides two fairly long blocks of ‘in between’ time that is otherwise scarce in my life.

Mind you, the road contains quite a few twists and turns, when it’s advisable to concentrate directly on the job of driving!


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  1. This is a beautiful blog and your writing is interesting and thoughtful. I love your photos, they illustrate perfectly.

    I love the cat, and the quilt it is on 🙂

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