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Time for a layout

Is there such a thing as tempting fate? I’m beginning to wonder, as almost as soon as I commented to a friend that I hadn’t had a cold for two years, I got one!

The first day I wasn’t in any state to do anything but treat myself with paracetamol and hot lemon-and-honey drinks. By the end of day two however, with the headache under control with the above drug, I was able to concentrate for a while and doctor myself with a bit of creativity (very good medicine!).

I viewed this video and then shamelessly copied the LO after I’d created a background using some of my own stamps. So happy to have made something new (and I especially like the little cut-out circle at the bottom)!


2 thoughts on “Time for a layout

  1. Oh, this is so pretty! I find that recreating a project that has caught my eye is great for getting me creating again if my mojo’s flagging 🙂 And as I’m just starting a cold myself (bleh!) I shall take on board your suggested medications 😉

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