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Christmas Card Crafting

This was supposed to be a “ten on the 10th” post, but I let that deadline slip away (since this a ‘no pressure’ Christmas season). However I have had an enormous amount of fun making Christmas cards this year. When I sent off my overseas cards (only 15 of them) I was pleased that they were all handmade; what I had forgotten to do was take any pictures! I then had the task of recreating the designs for the New Zealand card list. It would be interesting to see the differences.

As a relatively inexperienced card-maker, one of the criteria I use is that the design must be simple. As a pressed-for-time card-maker, the other is that I can construct the card in about 5 minutes. The design on the right is my ‘go to’ card design for all occasions (some of you might recognise it!) – and I think it works well as a Christmas card too. The design on the right (one I made upĀ  myself) is only possible in 5 minutes if you have a scoring board (but it’s quite possible to make without one, it will just take you longer). It’s another design that’s very adaptable to other occasions simply by changing the colours, papers and sentiment.

The card on the left is a Stampin’ Up! design, and the one on the right was inspired by a similar card I saw here at Carta Bella’s blog.

The card on the left is my own design – and uses a Stampin’ Up! ornament punch. The origami card on the right was taught to me by Sarah Chapman in 2010, and looks more complicated than it is. It took me a few goes to get the folding right, as 2010 was quite a long time ago!

The top card is another Stampin’ Up! design, and the bottom one my own. The sentiment on the lower card is one of my favourites – it reads It’s Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.

And last but not least, another ‘lifted from the internet’ design, and one from Stampin’ Up! These are two more examples of cards that can easily be adapted with different papers to become cards for other events.

Now that I’ve completed this post I’d better get busy and send the cards out!


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