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Favourite books

Listmania‘s prompt for this week is favourite book(s) and what’s on my current reading list.

There are many books I’d describe as ‘favourites’ and, now that I work in a library and can  borrow books so easily, I don’t buy nearly as many as I used to. I have also purged lots of books from my collection and have kept only the best of the best. Here is my list for today – it might be different tomorrow!


The Lord of the Rings – JRR Tolkien’s classic fantasy is a trilogy, but as the first edition I ever owned was the ‘one volume’ paperback, I’m counting it as one title. This is a book I can re-read again and again, and it’s the absolute pinnacle of fantasy fiction as far as I’m concerned.

However, coming a close second are Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, and it’s extremely difficult to pick just one. However the concepts in Thief of Time are amazing and funny and provide lots to think about. The basic premise of the tale is that the Monks of History  ‘harvest’ time from creatures that don’t need it – eg undersea fish (how much time does a cod need, really?), and allot it to those who do – eg city dwellers (who never seem to have enough time). Great idea, isn’t it?

Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley is simply a lovely story which makes me smile and feel good (there are places where the tension is high, but I am happy to reread these bits because I know there is a happy-enough ending coming up). I think I also enjoy this novel because it reminds me of some of the great times I had with my horses when I was considerably younger than I am now.

Anne Donovan is probably not well-known outside her native Scotland. I have Buddha Da because my aunt sent it to my mother as something light for her to read during Mum’s final illness. It is amazingly funny and true and heart-rending and lovely. What would you do if your Glaswegian plasterer father became a Buddhist?

Life of Pi is a book I loved so much I wouldn’t see the movie (I like to keep my own visuals intact, and not have them influenced by someone else’s). It was a close contest for the #5 slot between this title and The Time Traveller’s Wife which falls into the same category for me. Do you enjoy seeing movies of books you have really enjoyed?

As for what I am currently reading, I am getting close to the end of The Rose Labyrinth by Titania Hardie. It’s a sort of Da Vinci Code idea, and it started off very well, but got a bit bogged down in the middle with all the explanations and historical information. I’m finishing it because I’m almost done, and I want to see how the writer solves the puzzle (as I’m sure she will). However unless you’re very keen on conspiracy lit, don’t bother to read it yourself.



4 thoughts on “Favourite books

  1. I haven’t read Lord of the Rings, either. I won’t admit that often. 🙂 I have read the Hobbit and I will get around to LOR one day.

    I loved Life of Pi, too, but found the film really faithful to the book. I did read the book about ten years ago, so a decade can help soften the blow of a film, I reckon. It’s a GORGEOUS film. Normally I wouldn’t watch a film if I’ve loved a book, either. (Which is why I will NEVER watch The Time Traveler’s Wife.)

  2. I have always meant to read the Terry Pratchett Discworld books but have never known where to start. I might just follow your advice. Love the sound of the Anne Donovan book too. You have my dream job. I have always wanted to work in a library!!

  3. I couldn’t do the lord of the rings. I’ve tried about 4 times but it just doesn’t grab me – I’ve given up now.
    I on the other hand love watching movies of books I love. I just watched The Time Traveler’s Wife on Saturday night and the Life of Pi when it came out in January.

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