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What’s on my…

DRESSING TABLE | Two jewellery boxes for ear-rings, books from the library, cheque and deposit books, hair ties, a dish for my rings when I remove them at night

PERENNIAL TO DO LIST | File papers, data input for the accounts, take surplus clothes/kitchen tools/books/craft supplies to the Sallies

REFRIGERATOR SHELVES | Cheeses, fruit yoghurt, coffee, mushrooms, bread, filo pastry, wholegrain mustard, pesto, chocolate spread, hazelnuts

ITINERARY | Trip to Melbourne with my sister (not til August though)

FANTASY ITINERARY | India, Nepal, Uganda, Marche in Italy (where cousin Kirsty has a villa), anywhere in Spain, the South of France, Utah and Florida in the USA. 

PLAYLIST | Neil Young and Deep Purple – having heard them live recently I’ve been enjoying their music here at home too

NIGHTSTAND | Nicky Pelegrino, Josephine Tey

WORKOUT PLAN | Yoga at home twice a week; yoga class on Fridays; bike around the block once (or, if it’s too windy or wet, on the stationary bike which is HARD work because it’s permanently jammed on the highest setting) 

SMARTPHONE | Solitaire, Jewels, Crossword Solver

TOP 5 RIGHT NOW| Getting lots of scrapbook layouts made (15 so far this month), nice new recipe for dinner (Mushroom & Potato Enchiladas), DS home for the weekend, great photo printing deal at Harvey Norman, time with my dad tomorrow

BUCKET LIST | Travel, recording my memories, enjoying being with people I love and who love me

MIND | Getting ready for training my colleagues in our new library management system, organising my time so I don’t get too tired, olive harvesting and when it will be, trying to find balance in my life, supporting DH through a stressful time   

BLOGROLL | Melissa Stinson, Elise Blaha, WCS, SCT

WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE | Abstract art that was a gift from my sister for my 50th

LIQUOR SHELF | DH has a good collection of interesting liqueurs; I can’t imbibe but I love to smell them!

LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT | Petrol for the business; groceries for dinner; parking for DH


SCREENSAVER | This photo I took a few years ago in Palmerston North

TV EVERY NIGHT | A recording of Bones or NCIS

Thanks to Ali Edwards for this meme – you can see her take on it here.

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