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Olive harvest time

Ripe olivesI am very aware of seasonal changes since we became involved in a horticultural enterprise. Our lives are governed by the growth, ripening and harvest of our various tree crops, and now it’s the turn of the olives. It may seem strange that anything ripens through autumn – but for olives we usually pick in early June. Last year the olives were not ripe until July and I felt unsettled by the departure from the usual pattern. This year we are back to the usual pattern and I feel much better!

Are there any things in your own life – apart from the weather – that tell you the season has changed?

3 thoughts on “Olive harvest time

  1. Great post…I can totally relate to how the plantings help set the tone for the seasons. I know spring is coming here in Colorado when my crocus’ and daffodils poke their heads through the bare ground (and sometimes snow).

  2. Ooh what a beautiful image. I am feeling unsettled by the lack of seasons in Singapore at the moment. We are heading back to NZ for a couple of weeks of winter in July which will remind me why I live in the tropics again I am sure!

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