5 things about Summer

Here I go with Listmania # 2 – five things I love about the current season, and 5 things I’m not so keen on. Big summer skyIt’s SUMMER here in New Zealand – my favourite season. I like most things about summer, but especially:

  • higher temperatures (I hate being cold)
  • longer days – I can get so much more done, and I’m more likely to exercise
  • people are generally more relaxed, and casual clothes are OK at work
  • lots of my favourite special events seem to be in summer – Christmas and New Year, summer holidays (aka vacations to those from the American continent), summer reading programme at the library where I work, celebrations and parties just because it’s summer
  • summer fruit and vegetables that make it easy to eat well

Summer fruit bowlThe things I’m not so keen about are:

  • flies – especially the clustering variety (hopefully it will be so dry this year they won’t be able to get out of the ground and I’ll only be annoyed by the usual kind)
  • hot nights – I like being hot in the daytime, but I find it easier to sleep when the nights are on the cooler side
  • sweating – ugh
  • sunburn – and having to avoid it
  • having to have all the windows open in the car to make it bearable to be in, but then getting blown away at open road speed

I admit, I had to stretch a bit to find five things I don’t like. I’m a summer girl!